Ideas for Your Technology Essay

The very term ‘technology essay’ may refer to different things. It may be characterized as a Humanitarian perspective on some purely technological issues, such as an essay about recent developments in agricultural technology or the research of environmental implications of oil drilling. But most often, by ‘Technology essay’ students mean an admission paper or an all-purpose essay dealing with a prompt like:

We are living in the world where dramatic changes of technology happen every year, even every month. How does this fact affect our worldview?

Such essay may be related to communication technologies, computers and augmented reality, energy-saving technologies, innovations in transport etc. Though topics vary, the pattern is all the same: students are asked to distinguish several trends of modern technology and corresponding changes in the society. Usually, we do have several ideas, because we are all more or less into technologies. But where should one get the sound arguments except from hands-on experience? Here are some ideas.

Philosophy of technology

There is such a branch of philosophy. The tradition dates back to Ancient Greece, as usual, and is incorporated in the works of more ‘trendy’ modern philosophers such as Heidegger, Marx, Zizek, McLuhan, and Umberto Eco. In particular, augmented reality has a lot to do with media studies and semiotic perspective. You may find some inspiration in philosophical text and add interesting sources to your essay.

Popular series, movies, and cartoons

Mass culture is full of reflections and self-reflective statements about technology. The Matrix, Avatar, and Black Mirror are just a few of the examples. However, be careful with such sources: you need to be critical about them in academic essays. Don’t cite them directly unless you want to make a critical statement.

Analytical articles from industry leaders

If you’re writing about IT market or solar power, there’s nothing smarter than actually read the statements of those who are deeply into the things. Of course, leading experts, especially insiders, tend to post more valuable information than the spokesmen of leading companies.

Science fiction and cyber punk

It’s a commonplace that sci-fi writers used to predict the technological changes that now don’t seem fantastic at all. Hence, it’s interesting to know what they say in public. For example, William Gibson has written an entire non-fiction book about biotech innovations, which is somewhere on the crossroads of technological and social prognoses.

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