2 important facts about Apple Watch


1. It is difficult to steal it

If you pull someone’s Apple Watch very strong with sports, Milan and any other strap, you will getreal troubles.

Although visually weak attachment straps Apple is almost impossible to tear off a hand with the clock or separately. They simply were not disclosed accidentally, under pressure and without efforts aimed owner. Pull off the clock as possible, only if the owner lift it.

Having seen most of the straps on the pictures, everyone was worried about the safety of watches. After testing, we instantly convinced of the opposite.

If the owner will set the password protection, the clock verification code after you take off them. Without the password, no functions are not working. Do not even get to reset the clock settings, without having access to the iPhone, to which were attached Apple Watch.

Roughly speaking, they do not make sense to steal. In addition, it is difficult. So do not worry.

2. Not all models are equally good

Apple Watch are bought not to just look at them for time. However, the memory clock has a lot of fairly good dials. For example, it is unclear who will benefit from tremendous digital version: the information content is zero, and the figures are visually pumped, also you can buy research papers online, any time in any place.

The chip dials in the Apple Watch – interactivity. For example, a chronograph can be instantly start the timer, and the astronomical dial – Look at the position of all the planets in the solar system and find out what position today Mars relative to Earth and Venus. It helps in making important decisions in my life (just kidding).

Nearly all visual dials are elegant and analog – dull. It is evident that some of them have paid much more attention to the development.

Animation in the astronomical or solar dials are worth the highest praise from the Steve Jobs. Steep Digital Crown wheel and see at what point the sun will rise. If you come out of the dial to the common application menu, and then return back to the animation. It varies depending on the order in which the situation is now a star. Such detail in design – business card “of the very Apple». “Female” modes have with flowers and butterflies.

About the Author: Karl Keron is a student. He is from NY. He is interested in making hand-made things.

Italian education: University of Salerno

Currently, the Italian educational system is undergoing a period of restructuring in the framework of the Bologna process aimed at establishing of a common European educational space. Especially significant changes will affect higher education.
In accordance with the new standards European three-stage model of education is gradually introduced in the Italian universities.

Acquiring education in Italy has always been prestigious. Not surprisingly, interest to this country is not reduced year by year, and the Italian language firmly occupies one of leading places in the degree of study. You can also study different subjects in English at various universities.

Italy draws attention of foreigners not only in the academic or financial plans. The beauty and richness of culture are often the determining factor when choosing the country of study.

University of Salerno
University of Salerno is one of the oldest in Europe, along with the universities of Paris and Bologna. School of Medicine in Salerno, on the basis of which the university, was founded in the 8th century and during the Middle Ages was the center in Europe.

The university was closed in 1811 by royal decree of the Napoleonic government. In 1944, the University again opened its doors to all comers.

University of Salerno is one of the largest in Italy, and it is continuously growing. Today, students can use modern multimedia classrooms and the library, they can get education without using cheap essay writing services. There a lot of places for meetings and large canteen, as well as a large park area, which make the university very attractive.
In addition, all foreign students are eligible for financial assistance from the state.

Faculties of the university
1. Faculty of Law
2. Faculty of Engineering
3. Faculty of Medicine and Surgery
4. Faculty of Pharmaceutics
5. Faculty of Economics
6. Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures
7. Faculty of Humanities
8. Faculty of Education Science
9. Faculty of Natural Science, Mathematics, Physics
10. Faculty of Political Science

The buildings are under construction and currently able to accept 258 students with accommodation in 210 single rooms and 24 double rooms.
Sport and Leisure
The University has its own sports center (Centro Universitario Sportivo), which allows students to play sports on campus.

It offers students:
1. Indoor swimming pool
2. Two football fields
3. A tennis court
4. Fields for various sports with changing rooms
5. Jogging and cycling tracks
About the author: Celina Peterson is a freelance writer. She adores reading books, travelling and playing tennis. Celina is interested in literature, design and history.

College Apps


  1. Koofers. Koofers allows you to use an array of facilities, starting with flashcards. You can also get prepared for an exam or do your homework online. This is a perfect place to learn about internship, scholarships, grants and other types of student programs. If you are new to the college world, this site will be your very best guide. Students and users recommend its easy interface, smart message delivery and other helpful facilities. It was created for a global community over the world and now features people who want to improve daily.
  2. Alarmy. Alarmy is definitely the world’s most annoying alarm clock. It can get you out of bed even if you planned to sleep for hour and a half after the initial alarm started. It’s not very popular with students who tend to get up late, but certainly a necessary item for the school year. Parents who want their children to succeed in life and face the early rise challenges should definitely pay attention to the web. It can be installed on your phone and is absolutely free of charge. What could be better than being punctual? Only being able to get up on time.
  3. OpenStudy. Open Study is a global community to get ready for the exams. If you feel like you want to be a part of the team that acts together, come the time, you are in the right place. Looking for the best? They have it. Don’t know how to get ready for a test? Find a site like Okessays.com, sit back and relax. All in all, this site features all the best qualities of a customer service that never fails to meet expectations. OpenStudy has millions of members across the world. They are united in groups to study together. What is more, the site offers free tips on how to improve your learning daily.
  4. SelfControl. This useful app will keep social networks at bay. If you feel that you are becoming obsessed with Facebook, Twitter and what not, we recommend you use this service to pull yourself together. It will help you avoid possible distractions and make sure you aren’t checking on your mail every minute or two. It may sound really harsh, but what if we procrastinate due to the amount of information we receive? Sometimes, all you need is get away from it all and turn off your phone. For successful essay writing and exam preparation, we advise you to use the site that may look grim, but is kind at heart. What do we mean? Visit SelfControl and see if you can loosen the grip on Facebook and its numerous likes. It will help you develop time management techniques and filter information. The app allows to control information automatically and ensures you concentrate on work rather than entertain yourself. This is really helpful if you cannot focus on your studies.

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