Citing References in Technology and Scientific Research Papers

In scientific and technology papers it is important to cite the references appropriately in order to acknowledge the sources and give credit where necessary. As a rule, technological and scientific papers are built upon the works of other people.

Moreover, the citations taken from reliable sources show that you have done your homework and obtained a background in your specific sphere. References also provide information for interested audience. Here are some details of citing sources in your paper.

  • For the APA formatting style, mention the last name of the author and give the year of publication in curly brackets:

Miller’s (1998) extensively explored the role of technology in society.

  • MLA format uses the author and page method of citations:

Miller extensively explored the role of technology in society (263).

The role of technology in society is growing day after day (Miller, 263).

  • If the reference you cite has more than one author, use the following format:

For APA: As it has been discussed… (Miller and Wallace, 1985)
For MLA: As it has been discussed… (Miller and Wallace, 263).

Scientific and technology research papers require attentive and proper citing, since the information you present should be supported by the experts’ opinion. That means that your paper is not supposed to be the last word in science, but you should demonstrate your awareness of a theme at fullest. Hopefully, these simple tips will help you cope with your paper successfully.

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