College Apps


  1. Koofers. Koofers allows you to use an array of facilities, starting with flashcards. You can also get prepared for an exam or do your homework online. This is a perfect place to learn about internship, scholarships, grants and other types of student programs. If you are new to the college world, this site will be your very best guide. Students and users recommend its easy interface, smart message delivery and other helpful facilities. It was created for a global community over the world and now features people who want to improve daily.
  2. Alarmy. Alarmy is definitely the world’s most annoying alarm clock. It can get you out of bed even if you planned to sleep for hour and a half after the initial alarm started. It’s not very popular with students who tend to get up late, but certainly a necessary item for the school year. Parents who want their children to succeed in life and face the early rise challenges should definitely pay attention to the web. It can be installed on your phone and is absolutely free of charge. What could be better than being punctual? Only being able to get up on time.
  3. OpenStudy. Open Study is a global community to get ready for the exams. If you feel like you want to be a part of the team that acts together, come the time, you are in the right place. Looking for the best? They have it. Don’t know how to get ready for a test? Find a site like, sit back and relax. All in all, this site features all the best qualities of a customer service that never fails to meet expectations. OpenStudy has millions of members across the world. They are united in groups to study together. What is more, the site offers free tips on how to improve your learning daily.
  4. SelfControl. This useful app will keep social networks at bay. If you feel that you are becoming obsessed with Facebook, Twitter and what not, we recommend you use this service to pull yourself together. It will help you avoid possible distractions and make sure you aren’t checking on your mail every minute or two. It may sound really harsh, but what if we procrastinate due to the amount of information we receive? Sometimes, all you need is get away from it all and turn off your phone. For successful essay writing and exam preparation, we advise you to use the site that may look grim, but is kind at heart. What do we mean? Visit SelfControl and see if you can loosen the grip on Facebook and its numerous likes. It will help you develop time management techniques and filter information. The app allows to control information automatically and ensures you concentrate on work rather than entertain yourself. This is really helpful if you cannot focus on your studies.
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