How do You Start a Science and Technology Essay?

A science and technology essay is a paper that includes scientific content, works of experts on a certain issue and a literature review of a specified topic. This review should give an audience the idea of the current state of knowledge and scientific problems including points of view presented by different experts and accompanied by your own assessment of the data credibility and persuasiveness.

Unlike research papers, dissertations, monographs that are aimed at obtaining new knowledge through self-study and its introduction into the scientific publication, your science essay does not imply self-presentation of scientific results. Its mission is to compile other achievements, pose a problem on the basis of facts gleaned from special scientific literature.

So, as you can see,writing a good science and technology essay is not an easy task. This is not a simple retelling of the covered sources. It is a serious work that requires fairly thorough author’s preparedness and careful analysis.

Let’s consider the science and technology essayworking process and all its stages. How to start this essay properly?

First of all, it is very important to choose the right topic. The topic selection for someone is worthless (it is defined by a teacher),but for others it is a real torment. It is possible to say one thing. You should take the subject which does not need some specific and rare literature. It should not be too common, global, as a relatively small work volume (about 5-10 pages) won’t allow you to disclose it properly.  Choosing your topic, you should learn how it is covered in scientific literature.For this purpose there isa great number of themed library catalogues and bibliographic indexes of literature.

Once your choice of the topic is made, start reading relevant sources. Here you should distinguish between actual scientific, technology literatureand popular scientific character publications. The hallmarks ofscientific literature are the information and bibliographic apparatus presence, publications in academic institutions and major universities. Unlike general information, reading scientific literature requires specific skills and approaches. When meeting obscure terms you should look them up inspecial dictionaries.

Moreover, let’s proceed to the workplan development. It is necessary since aproperly constructed plan serves as an organizing principle of your work and helps to systematize the material. It ensures consistency of presentation.

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