Italian education: University of Salerno

Currently, the Italian educational system is undergoing a period of restructuring in the framework of the Bologna process aimed at establishing of a common European educational space. Especially significant changes will affect higher education.
In accordance with the new standards European three-stage model of education is gradually introduced in the Italian universities.

Acquiring education in Italy has always been prestigious. Not surprisingly, interest to this country is not reduced year by year, and the Italian language firmly occupies one of leading places in the degree of study. You can also study different subjects in English at various universities.

Italy draws attention of foreigners not only in the academic or financial plans. The beauty and richness of culture are often the determining factor when choosing the country of study.

University of Salerno
University of Salerno is one of the oldest in Europe, along with the universities of Paris and Bologna. School of Medicine in Salerno, on the basis of which the university, was founded in the 8th century and during the Middle Ages was the center in Europe.

The university was closed in 1811 by royal decree of the Napoleonic government. In 1944, the University again opened its doors to all comers.

University of Salerno is one of the largest in Italy, and it is continuously growing. Today, students can use modern multimedia classrooms and the library, they can get education without using cheap essay writing services. There a lot of places for meetings and large canteen, as well as a large park area, which make the university very attractive.
In addition, all foreign students are eligible for financial assistance from the state.

Faculties of the university
1. Faculty of Law
2. Faculty of Engineering
3. Faculty of Medicine and Surgery
4. Faculty of Pharmaceutics
5. Faculty of Economics
6. Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures
7. Faculty of Humanities
8. Faculty of Education Science
9. Faculty of Natural Science, Mathematics, Physics
10. Faculty of Political Science

The buildings are under construction and currently able to accept 258 students with accommodation in 210 single rooms and 24 double rooms.
Sport and Leisure
The University has its own sports center (Centro Universitario Sportivo), which allows students to play sports on campus.

It offers students:
1. Indoor swimming pool
2. Two football fields
3. A tennis court
4. Fields for various sports with changing rooms
5. Jogging and cycling tracks
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