Review software and Update Firmware

If fans on your Mac are going crazy check the latest Software Update to make sure latest firmware update is running on your machine. If it is not the latest firmware – download and install it.  In order to check your the firmware version (aka Boot Rom) click on the Apple logo. Hold down the option key and open System information application. Under Hardware section check the Boot Rom information.


Here is the official article regarding firmware updates.

Review the Software before Using it.

You don’t have to be an IT geek to review software. You can review it just as an ordinary user. First of all, decide whether you want to compare a software product with other similar programs, or write an in-depth review of one product, like here. And then just back up your review with interesting points that will catch the reader’s attention.

System Management Control reset

This troubleshooting technique helps to manage various issues. SMC reset may also cure inappropriate fan work. If your Mac fans run at high speed and there is no heavy CPU usage you should try it. This  official article covers detailed description of  SMC reset on laptops.

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