Tips on How to Write English Essay

It is an often task for students in a school or college to write AP English essay format. And it is a hard task to complete it in the class if you don’t know how to write English essay, actually.

You should improve your skills to deal with this job. So, here you have few important tips for writing this type of an essay and few typical AP English essay questions to deal with.

Best tips and AP English essay questions

You can guess what the possible essay topics will be. You teacher may think that some particular topic is important. He might talk about it a lot, for example. So, it is probably going to be your topic.

Here are the characteristics of an effective essay:

  • Focused. Your essay should be clear and understandable. The point is right to the reader. Every argument is clear, and there is no deviation from the original topic.
  • Organized. It is just impossible to make some great essay without knowing how to write a good English essay and preparing for the work. No great author writes along. You should consider all the points from the structure to the paragraphs order.
    Supported. Your every point should be supported by facts. Also, you can include statements for your analyzed text.
  • Lucid. For your essay, proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling are a must.

You always can bring a pencil to your class to write your essay. You should ask your teacher to allow you to use some extra paper for noting down your ideas.Besides that you should analyze the prompt of your paper. You should do notes constantly exactly what your teacher or professor is telling you.

  • You can write down the prompt. Especially if the prompt is on the smart board or whiteboard too.
  • You should underline all the key words in the prompt, actually. You should look for words like “analyze,” “identify,” “define,” or “explain.”
  • You should break down your prompt into different parts.

You should make a list with all of your ideas. For this purpose, you can write it in some short sentences or even fragments. Also, you can use some keywords for all of the facts that you want to use. Taking notes is very important, actually. You should give some supporting facts for all arguments or statements that you will make in your essay. Besides that, you should all the concluding statements for each of your paragraphs. In your conclusion, you should restate your main argument from your thesis statement.

Here you have some typical AP English essay questions

  • Here you have a poem by George Gascoigne. He is the sixteenth-century English poet. You should read his poem very carefully to write an essay. You should analyze the complex attitude of the speaker and how is it developed. Analyze by form, diction, and imagery.
  • Here you have a fragment from the novel The Known World. The author is Edward P. Jones. You should read the fragment very carefully to write your well-organized essay. You should analyze the character of Moses and how the author reveals it.
  • You should analyze a character from a novel or play. You need to choose a character that has deliberately surrendered, forfeited, or sacrificed something.
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